Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 8, 2012

Glimpses of Glory

Jesus is as good as His Word. He plainly told His followers that He was about to suffer, die & rise from the dead three days later. He demonstrated His power, compassion and love right down to the moment He did exactly that. As He often said, if it were not so, He would have told us. He would, by definition, be forced to tell us, because He is the Truth. Like a sunrise peeking through the trees at dawn, JESUS was and is a glimpse of all the Glory of GOD. And a glimpse is all our human senses can handle.

What more could He have said or done? Even today, we are surrounded by the wonders of Life yet refuse to listen to the One Who gives and sustains it, the One Who conquered death. But when we are willing, it changes everything.

As I write this, it is Resurrection (“Easter”) Sunday. We commemorate the day when JESUS did just what He promised. And because He did we have the assurance that believing in His promise we will have the full sunrise of eternal dawn some day when we, too, are resurrected to new & full Life. But meanwhile we have those glimpses today.

Those who believe JESUS is LORD & Savior see glimpses of Glory every day as they walk with Him in faith serving others as He did. Mark, chapters 9-10

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