Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 7, 2012

The Goal of GOD’s Glory

In these two chapters Job stands firm that he knows how the justice of GOD works and GOD is not acting as He should. The evil are rightly punished. But he is being punished when he has done nothing wrong. GOD is not acting as Job expected and he is disoriented. He recognizes that all of the evil that is done is blindness to the greatness of all God is and provides. And that everything good points to GOD. But what he doesn’t understand is that still applies when GOD acts in ways we can’t understand.

The sunlight and the shadows are caused by the same Light. And they both point to GOD. Suffering isn’t just the absence of GOD’s favor, as Job assumed. It is not just a tool to punish, because GOD is always seeking to save, not damn. The dark moments are painted to draw us to Him just as the light does. Every experience is a stroke in a design to draw us back to or into a deeper relationship with GOD. All of it. The glorious joy and the exquisite agony are just tools GOD uses in love.

As I write this it is the commemoration of the day GOD the Son chose to give Himself on the cross to bring those who believe Him for it to eternal Life. For three years He has preached to, healed, taught, fed, befriended and loved those around Him. He has given them a taste of the glory of eternity. They welcomed Him with palm branches waving as their king a week earlier. Now they wave their fists in hate. Now He is mocked, tormented, beaten, bruised, and killed by being nailed to wooden beams by spikes. But through the holes in His Hands and Feet can be seen the same glory. They are the brushes He used to supplement the pencil lines of the other parts of His Life. All to make the sign that will be spotlighted by His Resurrection and Ascension. It simply says: FOLLOW ME HOME.

The greatest thoughts, discoveries or actions of humanity or any being but GOD in any world are trinkets from Him pointing to Him. Job, chapters 27-28



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