Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 7, 2012

Life’s Limitations

Jeremiah sounds like Job. He is pointing out that the evil seem to be blessed while the good suffer. But GOD tells him that he cannot judge by what he sees. It is the paradox that runs throughout Scripture, the kind of “lose your life to find it, die to self to live” stuff that JESUS spoke all the time thousands of years later and probably had those He told it to pulling their hair out with frustration.

GOD uses His prophecy against Judah as an example. While they assumed that because He loved them they could dishonor, ignore & shame Him without consequence, that He would just keep relenting from the destruction they brought on themselves, they were wrong. He did bring destruction. And when their enemies saw their destruction and thought Judah had been abandoned, they would be wrong, too, because though the majority would be destroyed He would still save a remnant.

While some would think Jeremiah was being punished by being forbidden to have a wife and children in his homeland they would be wrong. GOD was sparing Jeremiah the suffering of making roots in a land about to be uprooted.

Two thousand years ago a lifeless body lay cold in a dark cave. All was silent within except the muffled orders of soldiers guarding it outside its massive, thick round, rock block of a door. Those soldiers must have laughed between themselves at the ease of duty, glad for the madmen of politics paying them to guard a dead man. What little threat this Jesus had been in life was made into a cruel hoax now, guarding him as if he were of value. They thought they had won, by what they could see. Never suspecting that Spirits they could not see would break forth eternal life that would make them as dead men when the impossible happened. That greatest of jewels, JESUS, would come out of the vault with the treasure of eternity to share with all who believe Him for it. What seemed to the eyes to be GOD’s punishment of a blaspheming carpenter would become to those who see by faith the eternal coming of age party for His Son.

Don’t judge the Invisible by the seen, the Unknowable by the known, the Eternal by the temporal or GOD’s Love by His discipline. Jeremiah chapters 12-16


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