Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 6, 2012

Willing Warriors

Even though Samuel was called and used by GOD since childhood, he still had a problem being willing to be used as GOD wants, by GOD, rather than the human way of doing what we want and expecting GOD to approve.

Samuel kept begging GOD to forgive Saul’s many blunders. After all, Saul was king and the most kingly guy around. But GOD wasn’t willing to do that. He had a better plan. So when Samuel finally gets it through his head, he moves on as GOD wills. But once at Jesse’s place he thinks he can pick out the most kingly son. GOD again says no. It was GOD’s will to choose David instead.

It was GOD’s will to choose David to lead His people into battle though he was only a boy himself. But he was willing to do whatever GOD required, trusting that the same GOD he served as a shepherd, who protected him from all harm, would do it again. That is how he defeated Goliath. That is how he could remain respectful to Saul in spite of Saul’s bouts with evil spirits. (Note that the Holy Spirit didn’t remain on Saul as He did with David but came and left.)

Jonathan was not willing to obey his father, Saul, even though it would cost them both the kingdom. But His heart was tied to David as a brother.

All of the best armor in the kingdom was useless to David but the will to hear and obey made all the difference.

You and I go through Spiritual battles every day but they are nothing compared to the agony JESUS went through before He ever touched a cross. In the Garden of Gethsemene He knew the horror He would face of being immersed in the sick of sin in just a few hours. He thought of such horror that to us is literally unthinkable. His physical body was so torn by the knowledge alone that He bled. Yet He willingly went through it anyway because it was the Father’s will. And He knew as our example that the worst possible death became the best possible good because of the goodness of the loving Father Who willed it. And so can we.

The battles & those He chooses to fight them are the LORD’s. He will make us ready & strong enough; we must simply be willing 1 Samuel, chapters 16-20



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