Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 4, 2012

Our Constant Companion

Uuuuup and doooown! Uuuuup and doooown! I don’t know why people like roller coasters! I got giddy my first time on a merry-go-round and I think I was 10! Oh, I know! They’re “thrill” rides! But I get enough of a thrill from Life! Day to day…Hour to hour, we don’t know what’s going to happen! Those you love come and go, friends come and go, circumstances change for better or worse. We even acknowledge that when signing on for the rest of the trip with a companion in marriage. Uuuuup and doooown! Uuuuup and doooown!

And to get a glimpse of this, just look at Israel and Moses! Abraham started out as an idol worshipper like any other. He’s suddenly chosen by the Only True GOD and becomes the father of nations…Including those who would make each others lives miserable, personally and as nations of their own. Then the least likely of a bunch of bratty boys from one of these descendants is sold into slavery by his own brothers. Only to become the prime minister of the greatest country on earth, where they prosper into millions…Only to be enslaved! Then Moses, one of the slaves who was intended for death, is rescued by the daughter of the king who tried to kill him and raised by his own mother as his surrogate…only to commit murder, run & be mistaken as the people trying to kill him, is given a new family…when he’s called, as a poor shepherd to become a rescuer of millions! Uuuuup and doooown! Uuuuup and doooown!

But there is one constant in all of this: GOD. As He describes Himself, He is the LORD, the only true GOD, the GOD of Abraham that one time idolator, Isaac that tricky kid that got tricked himself into being a part of GOD’s plan, and Jacob who dreamt with a pillow for a stone as a poor young man of the Kingdom of GOD and was used by GOD to establish His plans. GOD was always there, always in charge. Moses will have a roller coaster life himself. But far down history’s road would come JESUS, the Messiah GOD promised to deliver us from slavery to death as Moses delivered his people from slavery in Egypt.

JESUS, Who left His throne in Glory to encase Himself in clay, suffer and die for us. Only to be raised to eternal glory again. Uuup and down. And though He felt abandoned, He bought us all to enjoy eternal fellowship with Him with the Father in the Power of the Holy Spirit. He went up to glory but will come down to bring us back with Him once and for all.

Only the LORD GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob is our companion through our entire life & He seeks to be our Savior & Friend forever Exodus 1-3



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