Posted by: arieliondotcom | April 2, 2012

Saved to Serve

What punishment we give our bodies! We use them! We abuse them! We stretch them with snacks, squeeze them with clothes, and savage them with exercise. The average woman carries so much make-up, jewelry and other items with her body she could single-handedly fill a hardware store!

In 1 Corinthians chapters 11-12, the Apostle Paul is explaining to Christians how to use their bodies to the greatest good.

First, he tells Christian men and women to dress appropriately. Yes, this is largely a cultural thing. From one church service to another, from one hour to another, or in the same congregation, you can see Christians who are all equally saved from women with wide-brimmed hats with gloves to young men with t-shirts, shorts and tattoos, and everything in between. I had to learn a lesson here since I have a hard time looking at piercings. But then I reread Genesis 24:47 where Rebekah is given a nose ring as a sign of her being chosen as the miracle wife for Isaac. So, yes, it’s a cultural thing. But be sensitive to the culture where you are. The chapter division is unfortunate because verse 1 better belongs with chapter 10 where Paul has explained that, as long as it does not go against Scripture, he adapts himself to whichever of the many church cultures he visited and tells the Corinthians in 11:1 to do likewise. Paul is saying don’t make such a statement with how your body looks that it blinds people to the message of Christ.

Next, Paul moves from self-respect as a Christian for your body and looking acceptable to others to respecting the one person you give your body to, your husband or wife. As Christians, our spouse is another member of the Body of Christ. Just as we don’t want to dishonor Him with how we look we should honor, not dishonor, our spouse. Don’t try to “fix” your husband or wife. Let GOD do that. You just make it easy for your husband or wife to respect you by looking and acting respectful and respectable.

Finally, Paul goes on to speak of respecting ourselves as a member of the Body of Christ at large.

We are to honor Jesus in remembering how He sacrificed His own Body for us. and in sharing the commemoration in the Bread and the Cup we must do so respectfully of Him and each other member of the Body. They may look or act differenly, may come from a culture or age group different than you. But don’t judge their Spirit by their outfit. If they are Believers, the Holy Spirit has gifted them with things the rest of the Body, including you, need.

JESUS our perfect example submits to the Father & serves us by giving His Life so we as His Body can serve others with His gifts 1 Cor 11-12



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