Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 31, 2012

No Better than the Worst

When the people called by GOD choose to act as bad or worse as evil done by others who hate Him, He will treat them no better. Jeremiah, chapters 7-11

In these chapters, GOD is using Jeremiah to prophesy disaster to those GOD called who repeatedly rejected Him.

There are things so evil, so not of GOD that GOD says not even He could have imagined them. (If you are wondering, He specifically mentions killing children among other things). Yet we can delude ourselves to the point of thinking that anything we want, no matter how horrible or contrary to the Bible and common sense it is, must be good. Therefore if GOD is really “good”, He must be okay with it, especially if we go on living. It is a superstitious belief that alive is always better even if doing evil so if we’re alive we’re okay.

As sophisticated as we think we are today we continue to idolize our own wants. And if guilt keeps us from it the only thing to do is kill the guilt. And the GOD Who uses it to bring us back to Him.

It’s as if we’re born facing GOD as we stand on a turntable. With each wrong decision the table we stand on turns away from GOD and more and more to His replacement, us! And when it’s all over and we meet death anyway, we find we were tricked. It’s all about the spirit and without GOD we’ve played into the hands of handing ourselves to the demons of hell.

One turn of the table is enough to keep us from GOD! So what do we do? We can’t do anything to save ourselves. Because the answer is GOD’s Spirit and we can’t have Him without answering His calls…like this one. Only GOD can change us, through JESUS Christ. When JESUS died on the cross He nailed the turntable still. GOD the Son took our place and put us on GOD the Holy Spirit, the Rock Who never moves. And GOD the Father accepts us. Without that change, without that choice, we are no better than the worst of humanity and will share in their destiny.

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