Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 28, 2012

Unbidden Blessing

GRANDCHILDREN?! EGYPTIAN Grandchildren?! To a JEWISH Shepherd?! Jacob could never imagine, running away from a murderous brother, manipulative mother and dismissive father that such a future was before him. He certainly wouldn’t have asked for it.

His son, Joseph, would not have chosen betrayal into slavery from his brothers, imprisonment when innocent or expected being blessed beyond understanding. But though others intended evil for him, GOD meant and used it for good. Yet even that good would be born out of generations of slavery.

Jacob was blessed not only with Egyptian grandchildren but with generations, and a nation, named after him. “Israel”, struggling with GOD, would always struggle to see and understand that GOD always leads to glory through grief.

Joseph was blessed and the means to sustain generations to come. But what’s this? There in the midst of all the brothers is Judah. There will be trouble for him, too. He is no Joseph. Yet through Jacob/Israel’s eyes we look down through generations to a familiar face. The Face we would recognize 2,000 years later as JESUS, the Lion of Judah. His eyes are dark as wine, the wine of His Blood, shed for many for the remission of sin. His teeth are white as bread, the Bread of His Body. But it is not the JESUS we knew suffering, but a satisfied King at His triumph in His Kingdom to come.

GOD blesses us in ways we don’t understand & may not want, now, for us & others for the future He’s building we can’t appreciate. Genesis, chapters 48-50



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