Posted by: arieliondotcom | February 14, 2012

Love on Sticks


It was 1993 and we had been dating a few months.
Her parents had dropped us off at the mall so that
she could get her hair and nails done which was as
much a treat for me, since she was beautiful but the
beauty treatment polished an already beautiful gem.

Because of her cerebral palsy, she used crutches
(“sticks” as we called them), a wheelchair or a walker
to get around, and we had to use the elevators whenever
we went to the mall. (My favorite was the walker because
it had a seat she could ride on facing me while I pushed,
which allowed us to smooch as we shopped.) Believe me,
men, this made even shopping bearable. This time was no
exception and I had taken her up the elevator and left her to
get her treatment at the beauty parlor in the upper level of
the mall while I wandered around waiting for her to be done.

At the appointed time I started back up to get her when I realized…I forgot where the elevator was. My mind froze and I just couldn’t remember where the mall elevators were. I hunted from one store to another; I searched wherever I thought we had been. I must have gone from one end of the mall to the other, panicky now, in an age before I’d ever heard of a cell phone and with no idea how to get upstairs. Then I heard a baby crying in its mother’s arms up the escalator. Escalator! It had never occurred to me to use an escalator!

For all the time we had been dating, we had used elevators because she could not use an escalator. And I had gotten so much into thinking about her and living through her eyes that it never occurred to me that even though SHE couldn’t take the escalator, I COULD. I think I realized I was in love with her at that moment. Living in her world had taken precedence to living in mine.

JESUS loved us like that. Born fully GOD yet fully man, He lived life in flesh and felt everything we felt, every temptation, exhaustion, hunger and the enjoyment of a good meal always knowing that it would mean death and extreme pain on our behalf to bring us back to the Father through His own death on the cross. As He told Peter in the Garden of Gethsemene on the night He was betrayed, He could have called troops of angels to His aid. When the crowd taunted Him the next day to come off of the cross, He could have. But once He had steeled His Mind and Soul in the Garden to go through with the Father’s will as His own, it never entered His mind to use any powers not available to us to get us Home.

My love walked stumbling on “sticks”; JESUS showed His love for us on the “sticks” of the cross. My love relationship with that woman would end about a year later when our mutual human frailties and issues I didn’t know surfaced. But nothing would, could, or ever will end the love relationship JESUS has for us. There is no pain we can dish out to Him that He can’t handle. There is no horror we can unleash upon Him that He can’t bear, because He bore it all for us on the cross a long, long time ago.

GOD came in the flesh and lived through all we endure, including death, to bring us Home to the Father. May we realize that is the ultimate act of Love and respond in kind.

Scriptures used in this entry: Luke 4:2, 1 Corinthians 10:13, John 1:14, John 6:51, Matthew 26:53, Matthew 27:40, Philippians 2:8


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