Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 11, 2012

Poison Fruit

It was all fun and games…maybe literally…in the Garden of Eden. GOD had made everything perfect and told Adam & Eve to have at each other & follow His lead by being part of the creative process. The Father invited His children to join the family business and make life, to be fruitful like the trees He had given them to tend. Unfortunately, they waited until after they sinned and their children turned out to be a mixed crop.

We might have big plans. We might have godly ambitions. But since sin came into the world we must beware that there are thorns in the best of our intentions and poison in the plants of our plans. Unless and until we are rooted in JESUS sin will affect everything we do. Sin is the harvest of our humanity. And only JESUS can remove the seeds of sin from the Garden.

When Adam & Eve were fruitful as GOD had commanded before they sinned some of their fruit was poison, some thorny because of sin Genesis 4-7


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