Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 6, 2012

The Wealth Within

They say “You can’t take it with you”, but that’s not true, because (not to sound Clintonesque) but it depends what “It” is.

We can’t take anything material into the next life, but we can take those things having, enjoying…and losing…those things taught us. We can take the lessons we learned, such as how much better helping others have necessities feels when we sacrifice our own niceties to provide them. We can’t take beautiful objects with us but can wrap the memories of beauty in the wallets of our mind. And though we can’t hold onto those we love physically, we can carry their love for us and ours for them into eternity with GOD, Who is Love.

Job had no idea about GOD’s conversation with Satan and His plan to demonstrate Job’s strength to Satan. But Job had that deep knowledge in his heart, that “I know that I know that I know” faith that not all the trials on earth or all the cheap talk in the world could dissuade him of. He simply didn’t realize that in order for the currency of faith in GOD to have value, GOD must sometimes bankrupt us of everything else we trust in that is not of the Truth and Beauty and Love He intends us to have in our souls that only He provides in Christ and can never be taken away.

Job had everything external taken away. But all that really mattered could not be taken: the Spirit’s control inside his heart. Job 1-3


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