Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 2, 2012

The Waterwheel of Works

In Romans chapters 1-2 Paul explains how he is seeking to see in his disciples the changes that only the Holy Spirit can bring about. These are changes the Holy Spirit has wrought in him and he explains happens in every believer in Jesus Christ to some degree.

As an illustration, we can think of a waterwheel. When I was a boy we lived near a river and that river had a big millhouse that was built on the river and that millhouse had a waterwheel. The strength of the water from that river drove that waterwheel, so the waterwheel turned and, in turn, empowered by that water, that wheel would turn another wheel, a stone wheel, inside that mill. That second wheel, in turn, ground grain. And that ground grain was used for people to make bread, and for feeding livestock.

Paul is saying that the power of the Holy Spirit is the drive (like the water in our illustration of the waterwheel) that changes lives. And the change that happened in him is the change that has him caring about these other Believers. He says “I’m looking for this change in you, too. And it’s my desire to see that change in you.” That desire comes from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit drives Paul to seek out the faith in other Believers: to see if they have that faith, to plant that faith, and it drives that change in him and in others.

Paul warns his fellow Believers in Romans chapter 2 that it’s not about the Law. Trying to keep the Law through circumcision doesn’t work, because it doesn’t have the power that’s needed. You can’t turn that wheel on your own. You can go in there and you can try to change the position of that wheel…you can strain against it by keeping the Law in your own power, but it won’t work. Paul says only the Holy Spirit in you can drive that wheel. It’s the circumcision, the keeping of the Law, in the HEART that matters. And only the Spirit can keep that. Only the Law of the Spirit can keep that. And that only comes from new Life. And that new Life only comes through Jesus Christ.

So it’s faith in Jesus Christ that opens the floodgates to the Holy Spirit (which is likened to water…living water…throughout Scripture). That Living Water pours out into you and changes you; and not only changes you but through you changes other lives and drives the dirt and the grit away.

If you ever noticed, the Presence of the Holy Spirit, when you see someone who is living a godly life, those who are not living godly lives often feel “convicted” and often feel guilty. They don’t want to be around that godly person. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is driving impurity away. He gives power to those who are driven by the Spirit but drives away all that is not of the Spirit.

So the lesson today is to allow the Holy Spirit in you, through Jesus, to empower you and through you to not only cleanse out things that are not of God, that are not of the Spirit, but empowers you to make a difference in other lives.

It’s the power of the Spirit that gives impetus to change lives and hearts in ways the Law alone can’t in us & others we speak to.

Romans 1-2


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