Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 31, 2011

Looking Up to Love

John 17:1 “WHEN JESUS had spoken these things, He lifted up His eyes to heaven and said, Father, the hour has come. Glorify and exalt and honor and magnify Your Son, so that Your Son may glorify and extol and honor and magnify You.”

You’ve seen it. Little children who can barely walk, even puppies, when they want something from you, struggle to lift themelves up as high as possible, stretching up and calling to you in love to answer what they are asking you for.

So why do we squeeze our eyes shut & scrunch ourselves down like cowering, frightened beaten things when we pray to our Heavenly Father? That’s not how JESUS prayed.

John, an eyewitness, specifically mentions that when JESUS prayed He lifted His eyes to Heaven. Whether blessing food (John 17:1) or praying in thanks for being heard (John 11:41) though He knew He always was, JESUS looked up like a loving & expectant child. In fact even in the Garden of Gethsemene when falling to His knees in agony we are never told that He did any differently. Searches on the phrase “look up” repeatedly show that Believers did just that, that those who came to JESUS knelt before Him in worship but looked up to Him, and that we many are exhorted to look up to the source of our help. The exception is the sinner whose guilt was so great he could not bring himself to lift his eyes. But I wonder if JESUS would have called him, forgiven, to look up into the eyes of the Savior who forgave him.

Looking up as we pray is no magic formula. But the physical attitude of our bodies has a psychological connection. Though we may kneel in worship what might it change in our attitudes in prayer if rather than squeezing our eyes shut & clasping our hands closed we reached & looked up, forever forgiven, with love toward our Heavenly Father?


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