Posted by: arieliondotcom | July 4, 2010

Free Indeed


“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” – John 8:36

I love the United States. It is the most blessed country on Earth besides Israel, the land GOD chose for Himself and second only to Israel it is the country GOD Himself was most active in founding.

Today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day in the United States, celebrating that official declaration of itself as a free nation. Pastors in pulpits all over the US and military Chaplains all over the world are standing beside United States flags preaching about freedom today, some with sermons based on this same text. Some famous ministers, sons of great immigrant preachers, have built entire ministries around freedom and patriotism. And, unless they distinguish between political and Spiritual freedom, they are wrong. In fact, some of them are still prisoners themselves. Because political freedom is a wonderful thing but it has nothing at all to do with Spiritual freedom except to the extent that some of its patriots may have been Christians. And that political freedom makes Spiritual worship as groups easier.

The most enslaved martyr in a mud pit somewhere who trusts in JESUS Christ would be more free than the President of the United States if that president were not a Christian. Because, as JESUS Himself declares in the Gospel of John and in this quote in particular, only He as the Son of GOD, the image of GOD in flesh, can set human beings free. And the only freedom that counts is freedom from sin (and as its consequence, death).

Without freedom from individual addiction to choosing disloyalty to GOD over your own so-called rights, you are a slave to anything other than GOD. Freedom of speech is not free at all if the speaker is still a slave to sin because every word is tainted with treason agai nst the One who created and offers freedom. Free exercise of religion is not true freedom because GOD Himself ordained that only He be worshipped as the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and as JESUS Christ, the Only Begotten Son. To guarantee other worship is not offering freedom but facilitating slavery to idolatry.

Political freedom is right and good. The United States was founded on the precepts of the Bible, and by some true Christians who were truly free. But true, Spiritual freedom has had nothing to do with the political rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as wonderful as those things are. True freedom is Spiritual: Spiritual Life, which only JESUS can give, Spiritual Liberty which He bought with His own Life on our behalf, and the Spirit’s Pursuit of Happiness which can only be found by His indwelling Holy Spirit seeking to share the Love of GOD with others, which JESUS brought about by His resurrection.

Political freedom? By all means. Thank GOD for it. Literally. Fight to keep it. Die for it if necessary. Seek it for others. But understand that you will die a slave to the enemy of your souls, who makes Hitler look like a schoolgirl, and spend eternity in Hell while the chained prisoner who can only kneel to JESUS in her soul is free, unless you can say from your soul and mean it: “I recognize no Sovereign but GOD and no King but JESUS.”

Serving others through His Holy Spirit in you is the only way you will be truly, Spiritually free. Free indeed.

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