Posted by: arieliondotcom | June 9, 2010

Rapture Rap

“Don’t get trapped, Sir
In debates about the rapture
That only stir more trouble than their worth

It really doesn’t matter
If it’s pretrib, mid or latter
If we are living out the Gospel while on earth”

JESUS, fully GOD & fully man, born of a virgin, lived the sinless life we couldn’t, died the death of punishment we should have, payed our debt & rose from the dead, living & giving us eternal Life with the Father forever. When we are called by His Spirit to trust Him for that, we are born again, long to stop doing what He disapproves, & to tell others the same good news. He is coming back for us. To debate details only divides Believers when it doesn’t matter since we should be living as if it will be any moment anyway.

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