Posted by: arieliondotcom | March 13, 2010

Salvation of Successfulness

Beware of an “Attitude of Platitude.” Leadership Legalism says “Just do this and your problems are fixed.” That ignores humanity & reality.

The Salvation of Success sells a lot of books & CDs but it’s “all sizzle & no steak.” Leadership Legalism is the same as spiritual legalism. It is appealing because it sells the “do it yourself” illusion. No human being can “do it all.” Striving to will result in Spiritual & physical death. And much of what needs to be done involves circumstances beyond your control & the human frailty of yourself and others.

Salvation & success depend on the Grace of GOD. Spiritually, in JESUS fulfilling the Spiritual law on our behalf, if we will accept it/Him. And in leadership by His giving us what we need to succeed in living out a life of Love from His Spirit within. It is a matter of relationship, not requirements. And the standard is death to self through servanthood, not slavery to a “to do” list to succeed.


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