Posted by: arieliondotcom | January 14, 2010


PAThetic Luke 13:1-30

The case of Pat Robertson babbling on again to the media is pathetic on many levels. First, that the business/ministry he founded & which wisely passed the reins away from him still allows him to take buggy rides in traffic, so to speak. Second, that CNN would publicize the statements of an obviously mentally unwell old man, baiting him (and others would pass that on). And third that no one I’ve heard has pointed out that Robertson’s statement is the antithesis of Scripture, both for Judaism (in the Tenach, “Old Testament”) and for Christianity.

JESUS Himself pointed out in Luke 13:1-30 that this kind of superstitious thinking that GOD is Santa Claus & will put death in your stocking if you’re not good little boys & girls is not just wrong but stupid. There ARE NO good little boys or girls. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD” & the same evil that stirs the heart of a Santa Ria Haitian is the same evil that effects Pat Robertson & every other living soul. Nobody gets out alive. Even GOD died. But He, JESUS Christ, came back to life for the express purpose of showing His death was for us, all of us, in order to give us eternal life. It is the only way to Life. There is no other.

The Apostle Paul quotes earlier prophets in saying that Believers seemed to be especially appointed to be “slaughtered all day long.”. The writer of Hebrews (especially chapters 11 and 12) points out that Believers were martyred, not spared, because of their beliefs. The writers of the Psalms pointed out they were constantly suffering as Believers while non-Believers seemed to “grow fat.”

Natural tragedy, from cancer in a baby to an earthquake in Haiti, is part of physical life in a world that is decaying and dying. And it is allowed by GOD to show us that physical death, which He chose to share with us out of love, doesn’t matter. All that matters is eternal life. And that is only available by choosing Him, in Christ, because it acknowledges that the way of JESUS, the words of JESUS, the actions of JESUS on our behalf already freed us from the long-term effects of death. Death for the Believer is not a tomb but a tunnel. Not a hole but a hallway. Because GOD so loved the world, including Haitians & misguided preachers, that He gave His only flesh-born son, that whosoever believes that Son, JESUS, rose from the physical death for them, has eternal Spiritual Life.

That is the Gospel that no deal with the devil, no earthquake, no ramblings and nothing else can change. In the world you, and I, will have troubles, sickness, death by earhquake, AIDS, car accidents, whatever. But JESUS has overcome the world. And He wants us to follow Him out of it, if we only will


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