Posted by: arieliondotcom | December 23, 2009

Remember the Date

Scripture Luke 12:40 “The Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect”

Around December 25th every year people tend to drift into either of two snow banks of the soul that only hamper Spiritual progress.

The first is “Christmas is a state of mind”, usually followed by giggles & scrunched up shoulders while watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” over a cup of hot chocolate. “If only we had this Christmassy feeling all year long!”. That sounds good on the surface but is a slippery slope. Christmas is the commemoration of a historical event. No, we don’t know the exact date (to be discussed later). But it is important to remember that GOD Almighty came to earth at a precise moment in history, in a physical body of a human baby while losing none of His Deity, to a specific place, Bethlehem.

The other error we drift off into is wanting to know the exact date. We know it probably wasn’t December 25th (by US reckoning) & was probably in the Spring, in keeping with the irony GOD likes to use of JESUS, the Lamb of GOD Who gave His perfect Life to save Believers from death their sins earned, giving Himself to die at Passover, the time of sacrificing lambs. Folks also like to point out that shepherds were living out in the fields with their sheep at the time of His birth so it must have been Spring. (But that begs the question, since that was so common why make a point of it?). But we don’t need to know the exact date because whatever date it was in Bethlehem it was another day & time elsewhere. This birth was not only for one time, people or culture, but for us all.

Most importantly, this lack of a specific date points to another instance when the time is unkown but the acknowledgement of its historical accuracy is critical: Christ’s return. “The Son of Man (JESUS says of Himself) will return at an hour you do not expect.” We are given hints of things that should “keep us on our toes” of anticipation. Believers wait for JESUS the way children wait for Santa, and JESUS says He brings His rewards with Him, so we can see how the Santa thing started. But the Gospel mesaage got frozen out somewhere. Believers are saved because of what JESUS did, not because they were good little boys & girls. And the rewards JESUS brings are the results of lives given as gifts to others in His Name, for love of what He has given to bring us eternal life Home with GOD.

We don’t know when He is coming, but we know JESUS is coming for His own soon. We can mark it in our hearts & minds & souls in the bright red of the Blood that made the promise real. We can depend on it as certainly as any date in history because of the historic moment when He rose from the dead so we can have eternal life.

Christmas commemorates a real, historical date & event that instills a spiritual stirring only the Holy Spirit can maintain and only in those Believers who acknowledge the cross and the crown of King JESUS born in that crib. This same JESUS is coming back for those Believers.

Remember the date.


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