Posted by: arieliondotcom | November 20, 2009

Screaming Out of the Window of Opportunity

My sick sense of humor makes me laugh at myself (an easy target) often. So thinking of a funny quote (“Marginalized: it’s not just a phrase, it’s a lifestyle.”) for my actual situation at work didn’t surprise me. The shocker was that it made me realize the origin of the phrase “window of opportunity.”

Because the window is open so seldom I find myself shouting out of it, like a prisoner tied to a chair in an office, to get attention to my ideas while I can. But the response is never what I hoped for. Instead of someone seeing the value of my ideas & the plight of my imprisonment I am moved farther away from the window & gagged. So I try even harder next time, and so on.

I am reacting to the fear of being a knowledge worker with no one wanting to know what I know or share what they know, all intensified by being alone most of the time anyway.

Perhaps the answer is to learn to trust the window will open again & that a song will attract more attention than a scream. Meanwhile I can scratch messages on the walls of Twitter & blogs & Facebook with my teeth & hope someone doesn’t just walk by the window but opens the door.



  1. Interesting, very interesting. Thank you Lion. Hope to meet you sometime in Chilbo

    Your friend

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