Posted by: arieliondotcom | May 31, 2009

Where’s Your Weed Whacker?


Luke 8:14  “And as for what fell among the thorns, they are those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by the cares and riches and pleasures of life, and their fruit does not mature.” (English Standard Version)

HYMN:  I Surrender All

“THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!  THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!”  Weeds.  It’s the Summer in America and if you own a lawn or pass by one you will know about the battle of the weeds.  In your grass, in your garden…they’re everywhere.  You may not even be near one but you know they’re around because of what they do to your nose, causing you to sneeze.  But even if none of those situations is true for you, you know all about weeds because they’re in your heart and mind.

JESUS tells the story about how the process of people learning about Him is a lot like planting a garden.  The Gardener (Christian) tosses out the seed (tells about JESUS) in all directions (to all around). Some words fall on “deaf ears”, those who aren’t ready for it and the devil snatches it away.  Some falls on the hardhearted and although it springs up quickly it doesn’t take root and has no effect.  Some grows but the weeds of loving this life more than eternity choke them off.  And some are successful through patient nurturing by the hearer to grow into a fruitful Christian life.

If you feel a sting at hearing about those who aren’t prepared or are hardhearted, don’t judge GOD on why He hasn’t prepared them or has hardened their hearts.  But ask yourself “Am I prepared?”  If not, why not? Have you allowed your heart to become hardened toward GOD?  Why?  And if it seems unjust that others aren’t prepared  or have hardened hearts what are you doing to prepare or soften them?

The answer to all of those questions is probably about those weeds.  Wanting something and not getting it.  Or getting it and being so attached to this life that you get distracted and end up not being a conduit of His Life to ourselves or others (bearing fruit) as you should.

So what’s the answer to the weeds?  JESUS, the Spiritual Weed Whacker.  The human Fruit of the womb of Mary, fully GOD and fully Human, who watered the world with His Blood on the tree of the Cross and rose again after His burial.  Only love for JESUS outweighing love of this world can stop the distractions of the temporary in favor of the eternal life He came to give us.  Only after completely surrendering our lives to Him will we be filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered to love Him and each other as only He can through us, because “God is Love.”  But even that surrender is nothing to take credit for any more than fruit can take credit for rainwater, soil or sunlight.  It’s the natural byproduct of the gift of faith.

It is no accident that humanity started out in a Garden with GOD.  The implication is there was nothing there that shouldn’t have been, but everything had been planted, as it were, by GOD.  It was only after Eve and then Adam chose what was not of GOD that those things that could distract them were allowed to flourish.

In the same way, having been given eternal life in JESUS, Believers are then empowered to help in the garden by patiently cultivating the fruit freely blossoming in them from the Holy Spirit.  We are invited throughout Scripture to allow the impetus of the Holy Spirit to empower us to change and grow and flourish by putting off old ways of the flesh and putting on new ways the Spirit teaches us.  Then the Father will continue to prune us, increasing our love for Christ and our fruitfulness for Him empowered by the Holy Spirit.  The result?  A garden of Believers changing lives of others for now and forever as their fruit is used to plant seeds in others.  Until, ultimately, all Believers bow in worship like trees in a windstorm before the throne of GOD at Home in His Kingdom leaving the fruit of their lives at His Feet.


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