Posted by: arieliondotcom | May 24, 2009

Can You Hear Them?


1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.  Therefore comfort one another with these words.

“Can you hear them?  Can you hear them?  It’s the buglers!  And they’re blowing the ‘Charge’!…”

The movie is “Stagecoach.”  It’s the first big starring role of the ultimate cowboy, John Wayne, and director John Ford makes sure the hero bursts on the scene with guns blazing galloping into the screen in a stunning close-up.  He volunteers to ride along on a Stagecoach going through dangerous country with its occupants  (a “washed up” old doctor, a prostitute with “a heart of gold” looking for a new life, a helpless pregnant woman searching for her soldier husband, a misguided soul who thinks he’s in love with the married woman and a “milquetoast” fellow) as well as the sweet befuddled coach driver who is trying to scratch up enough money to settle down with his Mexican sweetheart.

This group goes careening through the countryside in their Stagecoach at the mercy of nature, circumstances, and enemies out to get them on every side.  None of them quite sure of where they are going or why or whether or how they will get there in the end.

We are each like those occupants of that stagecoach.  Each of us have our personal problems, pains, hopes and dreams.  And we are each on the wild ride of our lives, not sure of where it will lead from one day to the next with the world, the flesh and the devil working against us at every turn it seems.

Who is your John Wayne?  Who is the hero you count on to get you through?  It may be a loved one, a parent, a spouse, a friend or family member.  It may be some hero or heroine you’ve fashioned in your own mind, perhaps with yourself in the starring role.  But the problem is, they, too, are on the same journey.  Even John Wayne has his limitations, as in this movie when he is over run by the enemy and all seems lost.  Even the foolish dreamer with his fantasies about the married woman prepares to put a bullet through her head rather than see her fall into enemy hands and “a fate worse than death” when suddenly that woman cries out…”Do you hear them?  Do you hear them?  It’s the buglers!  And they’re blowing the ‘Charge!’…”

From her short time with her soldier husband she had spent enough time in the safety of the forts to know the sounds of the Cavalry and the bugler signaling their arrival.  When all seemed lost, suddenly the Cavalry came charging in to save the day.  (Except the man who was in love with the pregnant woman.  It’s too late for him.)

No earthly hero or hero of our own making will do.  Our rescue comes not from the Cavalry, but from Calvary, from JESUS CHRIST,  Who died on a cross there to rescue us from the wild ride of life, Who turned the unknown wilderness into a waterpark adventure, because we go through it with Him in charge.  On those crossbars of wood and nails GOD Himself gave His life for us to rescue us as only He could to  bring us safely Home to our Heavenly Father and our ultimate destination.  His cross is our stagecoach to Eternal Life, for the acceptance and believing.  And once we realize that, we willingly ride with Him to the end of the line.

But we are waiting and listening, too.  Waiting and watching, serving JESUS out of love for Him until His return.  And listening for the sign He told us to listen for…the shout of His triumph over all of the enemies attacking us.  The bugle call of “Charge!” by the angels who are coming to pick us out of the dying world and prepare us for a new creation.  JESUS CHRIST is coming back for us.  He is coming for His own who trust Him for eternal life and who are living for Him, working for Him, waiting for His return.  And listening.  Always listening for the sound of their rescue.

The shout shall come.  The sound of the trumpet will blast.  All of the faithful dead will rise and be translated in an instant as will those who remain alive in an instant after that.  Are you trusting some foolish dream, some earth-bound delusion like the man who allowed himself to fall in love with a woman he could never have?  Or are you waiting for the One who survived death for you to love you to Life?

Are you deaf to the calls of GOD to find life in Him?  Or are you watching, working, waiting and listening for your Savior’s return for you?

“Can you hear them?  Can you hear them?  It’s the buglers!  And they’re blowing the ‘Charge’!”



  1. Paul, you are very good with words, God has blessed you. I have watched Stagecoach a few times, a great discription. A great text, Mass yesterday morning was not as good.

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