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JESUS Who?! (John 1)

Song: Only JESUS can Satisfy the Soul

Do you remember the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?  (Hopefully you remember the original and not the nasty newer version).  The ideal product of a magical candy maker was the Everlasting Gobbstopper. You could chew it forever and it would never be gone. That sounds messy to me.   (What do you do with it when you’re tired of chewing but don’t want to swallow it?)

John 1, even the first verse, 1:1, is like that. You could chew on it forever and never fully understand it or stop being in awe of it or the GOD it describes.
But it’s messy because if you believe John 1 it will…the One it describes…will change everything.

Because the One this chapter is talking about is JESUS. Oh yeah, HIM. We know about Him. Tell us about giants and mysteries instead, you might think. But this chapter, again, reveals enough about JESUS to ponder over for a lifetime.
But it’s messy, too, because it’s not politically correct to believe in JESUS.  People today think it’s not even polite because what the Bible says about Him seems so exclusionary.  They’d rather believe in a JESUS of their own construction rather than the testimony of the people who saw Him every day: His cousin, His half-brother, His best friends, walking, eating, camping overnight with Him for three years.  Who did they say JESUS was?  This first chapter of John says it all:

The Word,
with God,
God Himself (keep chewing!)
Creator (without him was not any thing made that was made…or ever has been or ever will be made!)
The Life (In him was life)
The True Light (Who lights every person that comes into the world)
The One whom His own creatures ignored while He was in the world (He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not)
The One Who alone gives the power to those who believe on His Name to become the sons of GOD
Made of Flesh (fully Man as well as Fully GOD)
Dwelt among us
Full of Glory
Full of Grace & Truth
The Only Begotten of GOD the Father
The One who John the Baptist (His cousin and friend) gave witness to
The One of Whose fulness others have received, and grace for grace.
Greater than Moses
Giver of Grace and Truth
In the Bosom of GOD the Father
The Only human being to ever see GOD (fully) and declare Him
The Christ, the Anointed Messiah, promised Savior of Israel & the World
The Lord
The One prophesied by Isaiah (hundreds of years beforehand, the Suffering Servant who would die for the sins of the world on a cross)
The One Who stood among others and was unrecognized for Who He was
The Lamb of GOD (the One who was the fulfillment of the Jewish sacrifice symbolized at Passover by the shank bone of a lamb)
The Only One who can take away the sin of the world
The One John witnessed seeing the Holy Spirit descend upon and remain upon
The Only One who can baptize with the Holy Spirit
The Son of GOD
The Master Teacher
The One others realized was the One Moses and the prophets wrote abot
Born into the household of Joseph
The One who can see you when you don’t realize He’s watching and knows you though you don’t know him (like Nathaniel)
The King of Israel
The One upon whom angels would ascend and descend

That’s a lot of chewing!  And that’s only one chapter!  But it’s messy.  Nowhere does it say He was just a wise man (though He was).  Nowhere does it say He was just a nice man (though He was).  JESUS is “very GOD of very GOD”…a messy thought to deal with, especially as He would later say that He is the only way to GOD, the only means of eternal Life and the only Hope of humanity.  He is your only hope.  Messy as the thought may be, niceness and rule keeping won’t cut it.  It’s JESUS or nothing.  But if we “come and see” as the chapter and those it describes invites us to do, we’ll see that He satisfies as only GOD can do.  JESUS Who?  JESUS the Son of GOD, the very expression of GOD, who lived to love us, died to save us from our wandering ways and rose again to give us Life and usher in a new heaven and a new earth starting with a new heart and new life for you.  Hard to swallow, but the only real satisfaction for the soul.


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