Posted by: arieliondotcom | October 12, 2008

Bouncing Thoughts and Billiards

While writing my entries for yesterday I got the image of a billiard/pool table of all things.  I thought of groups being like the billiard balls, unconnected and happy in their completeness until some outward force impinges upon them and brings them into contact with another group, thus connecting and forming a network, and so on and so on.  That force is some impulse from within the network of the billiard/pool table which neither group may have been aware they were even a part of.  

I haven’t studied the Chaos theory material yet so I don’t know if this has anything to do with that, but the movement of whatever impacts a group within a network, and the the movement of the ball (action of the group upon some other group in the network) may seem “random”…Can it really be, though?  As we know, the movements can be orchestrated when the overall network is considered as a System and past experiences are brought into the calculations.

Another thought came from something I studied in keeping with the Missions theme.  It seems that, according to Dr. Larson of Reformed Theological Seminary, as  the Celts brought Christianity to the Saxons in Britain, and then Europe across the English Channel, the “flame” of Christianity in England was soon extinguished as the Vikings came into England and snuffed it out.  That is, until the Christians the Celts had coverted earlier in Europe came back over the Channel and reignited the Christian flame there where it had come from.  A great picture, again, I think of how a group’s influence on a network came back about in connections and interactions in the History of Missions, like a living laboratory of Connectivism.



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