Posted by: arieliondotcom | October 11, 2008

Groups, Networks and the Slavs

The spreading of Christianity to the Slavs is a great example of how GOD uses the principles of Connectivism in how He operates in the world and calls us to spread knowledge of Him to others.

Think of the following as groups:  the Apostles, each people group (race/nation), the Latin Rite group, the Eastern Rite group.

Each is functioning in the group for the good of the group (think of a swirling storm, swirling in on itself and feeding itself on its own energy) and as a member, but also part of the larger network where connections will inevitably occur.  The actions of any group impinges the other groups, and not always directly.  That is how networks form and function.  When Andrew was called, he had no idea that he would become part of the group of the apostles and later be connecting with unknown people groups.  But he was and did. 

Constantine/Cyril and Methodius were a group unto themselves, brothers, but became evangelists to spread the Gospel spread to them through Andrew.  The working of the network between places and persons neither Andrew at one end nor the brothers at the other even realized brought them into connection, albeit by degrees of separation.

The group of the Byzantine Empire gave rise to another group, the Eastern Rite church.  A new network is formed between the two.  And when the group of the brothers and the group of the Eastern Rite church interact, yet another connection is made.  Further, when the group of the brothers impacts upon the group of the Slavs and the group of the Bulgars, and thegrop of the Latin Rite…Well, you can see the effect from the chart.  Over and over, connections are made which impact other connections and eventually lead to resonance among all parts of the network where influences are felt in one group from another though they may be physically, culturally, and even temporally at great distances (miles and even centuries) from each other.  All part of groups interacting which becomes networking and network effects (which in turn may form and effect new groups and networks, and so on).  And the effect is that the Slavic peoples convert to Christianity and the function of Christian Missions takes place.

Even Terry Anderson’s Collectives idea can be seen not only through the popular choices of which rites to use but in the historical records themselves.  The records become the collectives, whether the choices made (Latin or Eastern Rite), the languages chosen, or the oral and written histories (books, files, etc.) on the subject.  

Groups, networks (and collectives) have been a part of Christian Missions from the start and are still moving and connecting down through history.





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