Posted by: arieliondotcom | October 5, 2008

Mutiny on the Good Ship Connectivism!

Oh goodie!  We are finally getting some excitement and drama (and being of my ethnic heritage, I’m all about the drama, baby!) in the CCK08 class.  It seems we have a group of Mutinous Moodlers!  I will try to post that topic on the Moodle before one of them steals it, which has happened before!  🙂    But whereas it was only Cate the Shrew who was vehemently opposing anything and everything our facilitators/instructors/whatever you call the in Connectivism, George and Stephen, now several of them have come out to challenge their (mostly Stephen’s) authority.  This is great because it brings up the topic we’ve only touched on so far…If knowledge is in the network, who says you are the authority at any one time?  Stephen seems to have taken umbrage at some of the disagreements with what he sasys and said something to the effect of “Why have you signed up for a course that I’m an instructor for and then discount what I tell you?”  (Ironically…and yes, I do use that phrase almost as much as George says “happily”…Stephen’s statement reminds me of JESUS saying “Why do you call me LORD, LORD, and then don’t do the things that I say?” (Luke 6:46).  Stephen has the facial and long hair going for him, so who knows.  He may be an aging JESUS Freak.  🙂

At any rate, where I work we call this stage of learning “Kill the Facilitator”, so its not surprising.  But it does come at an interesting time as I believe we were told we’re going to be getting into Chaos Theory soon and the “Who is in charge around here anyway, and if I am making my own learning in this theory of yours how can you grade me on it?”  Right?  Wrong?  Power?  Authority?  All interesting stuff.

Now if Stephen or George start accusing people of eating the strawberries and start clicking ball bearings during video sessions this will really get interesting!  🙂



  1. Areiliondotcom,

    Kudos on the learning-Lord connections!

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