Posted by: arieliondotcom | October 4, 2008

When Networks Collide: Christianity and Islam

A diagram of several networks (Christian/Pagan/Islam) and their interaction.  According to lectures by Dr. Chedid, Guest Lecturer from Reformed Theological Seminary’s History of Religions course, Mohammed may have encountered a corrupted version of the original Gospel message in Arabia and thought the docrine of the Trinity advocated the worship of three gods which, ironically, was also the practice in pre-Islamic Arabia. Added to exposure to Marianism, Islam became a call back away from false religion.  

An added irony is that, during the course, Roman Catholic saints are presented as martyrs of the true faith while some Protestants would take exception to that (as we will see later) and claim that the Roman Catholics were not following the true Gospel, either!  

Networks colliding and interacting.  You can almost see it os an atomic collision with electrons, etc. flying about and chain reactions resulting.


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