Posted by: arieliondotcom | September 27, 2008

Google: A Connectivism Success story

Google, by their own account, is 10 years old today. They’ve had quite a few milestones since the founders started out as a couple of college kids at Stanford. As of 2007 they were estimated to be worth 18.5 Billion (with a “B”) dollars each, according to Forbes magazine, in an article from September 2007. And all by literally linking folks together, connecting information sources to increase knowledge.

To me, this simple example shows that the information is “out there”, and that when we connect to it, we inculcate it into our own understanding/interpretation. When that happens, it becomes knowledge (for you) to the degree that you allow it to be (or knowledge at least of what someone else has stated to be so). That is what I understand Connectivism and Networking to be.

You probably didn’t “know” these things about Google before reading this entry. At least you didn’t “know” that I “knew.” And you may want to check whether my facts are correct. How will you do that? The same way I did, of course. By “googling” it.


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