Posted by: arieliondotcom | September 20, 2008

The Sperm Sphere of Knowing, Being and Living

“There’s nothing new under the sun”, so I wasn’t really surprised to read in the article “Knowing Knowledge” about the “Sphere” concept.  I’ve been using a very similar concept with the acronym SPHERE (Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Relational, Educational) to identify the holistic life GOD intends us to have.

I use this as a sermon illustration with a beach ball.  What makes the ball a sphere?  The pressure within the ball is greater than the pressure outside of the ball.  In the Christian context, this is the application of “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” (I John 4:4)  When the pressures of life seem to be taking a toll on you and you feel “deflated”, it is because you are allowing yourself to get out of balance in one of those (Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Relational, Educational) areas (usually Spiritual).

JESUS has come that we may have Life (the fulness of all of these areas, literally “full-ness” to the ultimate we can withstand as human beings).  He says, “I AM come that they may have Life, and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)  But we rarely allow that out of fear or attempts to control ourselves or giving permission to others to control us in one of these areas out of fear of loss of control (the “connection contagion” I mentioned in a previous spot).

When we allow ourselves to be full of His Life there is no preassure, no obstacle in the world that can “puncture” or “deflate” us because it is GOD Himself, in CHRIST, through the Holy Spirit, who is the power within us, not ourselves.  He does the overcoming, not us, as He changes our nature from the inside out.

I first came up with this concept as SPERM (Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Relational, Mental) rather than SPHERE, but the idea of preaching to a congregation of elderly women about SPERM didn’t seem appropriate even for me.  🙂  I do like the idea of SPERM better, though, as more expressive of the idea.  Teaming with Life, abundance, indomitable.  Out of all the sperm released toward an egg, one usually (unless prevented by something unnatural) gets through to the goal and sparks an entire new life.  No wonder there is that sense of release in the process.

But whether spheres or sperm (and maybe both could be used, seeing the SPHERE for females, the ovum, and SPERM for males), each of us is the knowledge, the experience, the spark that will affect each other, colliding or impregnating (now you know why I “don’t go there” in preaching!) the thoughts of others and causing new growth along the way…even if it is only to one in a million.

And these things are teeming within each of us, as well, loose ideas and information seeking release and network, connection.

If you remember the movie “Brainstorm” you will remember when one of the characters is in the process of death, her consciousness rises out of her body and she sees the various instances of her life as random spheres floating about in the midst of thousands of other spheres.

In the field of Christian Missions, this is what drove the early Christians to speak, compelled from within by “a fire in (their) bones” like the prophet Jeremiah years before them.  This “fire” was so alien and powerful that only literal fire of persecution could release it.  And yet, for all that, they would have it no other way.

That is what Missions is still about today, “inflating” others, “impregnating” others, “igniting” others with the Spirit of GOD burning within us seeking connection with them.


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