Posted by: arieliondotcom | September 18, 2008

The Truth about Truth

Why do we have Christian missions?  To introduce others to the Truth, as we have experienced Truth, our Truth and their own.

In discussin Truth, we often hear “your ‘truth’ is not necessarily my ‘truth’…”  But that is a self-deception.  Truth must be objective to be Truth at all, by definition, that standard outside of oneself, outside of all selves as we know them to be, where the ultimate exists.

These discussions most often miss the point.  Because to make that statement giving ownership to Truth belies itself.  It is a demonstration of Externalization, trying to make it something comprehensible, something we can grasp.  In objective reality, however, Truth remains unchanged, dress it as you will.  What you are doing is simply an attempt to define a concept as an object that you can grasp, and it cannot be done in this case.

George Siemens gives the example of the aeroplane to show how knowledge and context have changed over time.  But he really makes my point better than his own, because no matter how human understanding of the process of flight may change, no matter what new things we discover, new materials we try out, advances we make from Leonardo to the Wright brothers to the Space Shuttle to the Mars Orbiter to the Starship Enterprise or Voyager or whathaveyou., the underlying Physics (like Truth) does not change.  Only our understanding of it.  Understanding and knowledge and the lack there0f cannot change Truth, are not even touching it in a sense.  We can have all of the loose information there is, we can join it in connections into knowledge.  But there will still be something lacking.

Many express a feeling of isolation even in the process of trying to connect with others, even in the time and world of “always on” technology to be touching someone else’s thoughts somewhere at any time.  Why?  Because they are attemptingn to examine Truth as a concept that can be grasped in a way we can humanly understand rather than realizing it is an attribute of GOD Himself, n His Personhood, and can neither be understood nor reached, outside of personal relationship with Him.  This connection “leads us into all Truth”, because He Himself is Truth.  (JESUS says, “I AM the Truth.”)  He is “True Truth”, and unless we approach Truth in personal relatinship as connection with GOD on His own terms we will continue to feel the loneliness of disconnection.

That introduction to Truth, that connection, is what Christian Missions is all about.



  1. I have been enjoying this series. My work is done with the Bible in mind, but there’s no reason it can’t be consistent with it.

    Here is a thought for you: one aspect of the theory we describe is that there are some things that are too large for one person to comprehend, that each of us can only comprehend a part, and it is only through communicating with each other that our society as a whole can come to understand that thing.

    Do you think God could be such a thing? He is certainly, as Rudolf Otto, in ‘The idea of the Holy’, describes as ‘mysterium tremendum et fascinans’ (mysterious, tremendous and fascinating).

  2. Yes, Stephen, that is just what I am saying. Only I would never call GOD, or you, “a thing”…I can think of someone in the CCK08 class who would, but not yours truly. 🙂

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