Posted by: arieliondotcom | September 16, 2008

GOD as Perfect Network and Missionary

In my previous posts I’ve explained how the processes and principles “theorized” in Connectivism are really nothing new at all, just a rephrasing of literally eternal principles seen in the Personhood of GOD and in His creation.

Now I will begin to explore how this works out in the specific paradigm of Christian Missions.  GOD is Himself, the Perfect Network, as we’ve mentioned before.  Because of His Triune nature, from eternity past, He has always been simultaneously node and network, always connected to “other” Persons, yet always One.  He also began the process of missions with the recruiting of Abram who lived in Ur of the Chaldees (Genesis 12).  GOD had always worked and interacted through His creation, but in Abram GOD specifically chose a node (Abram), a synapse to spark into forming a new network.  In fact, the Apostle Paul says that the node that began with Abram would eventually grow into a network that would be like the GOD that spawned it, similar but not matching.  Eventually, Christian Believers who are Spiritual descendants of Abram (Abraham)  will be like GOD, like the Network, because we shall behold HIm as He is.

Some say GOD even spoke to Abram in his (Abram’s) own language. Abram, spoken to by God in his (Abram’s) own context to bring him into  new context, to bless him to be a blessing to others to bless GOD and be blessed.

Small starts in connections may take a generation to change and grow a culture of connections (“as numerous as the stars in the sky”) into a network like growth in a petrie dish.

Though GOD, the Perfect Network, created a network of sorts with the creation of humanity, those weak connections proved flawed over time, a collection rather than a connection.  Instead, He turned to this new network that He began by sparking Abram into a new name (Abraham), a new country apart from all the connections but the closest and fewest he had (his wife), and a new life of new experiences, learning and knowledge.  Through Abram/Abraham, a new way of understanding GOD, a new relationship with Him would form and grow through the centuries looking forward to the coming of Messiah, JESUS CHRIST, across peoples, places cultures and contexts all over the world through Christian missions until His return and taking of them unto Himself.


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